Burning Bushes

God notified Moses that he had been selected to lead the Israelites out of Egypt by speaking to him through a burning bush that did not extinguish.

Due to the unusual nature of this interaction, Moses knew, with absolute certainty, that he was following God’s direction and not a personal impulse when he returned to Egypt to begin this assignment.

Because God had personally chosen him to fulfill this vital mission, Moses had every reason to expect success. However, he encountered immediate difficulties.

Pharaoh was initially unwilling to free the Israelites, even after God sent nine plagues. He finally relented after the tenth plague. Pharaoh soon regretted this decision and dispatched his army to recapture the Israelites. The Egyptian army caught up with them as they camped by the Red Sea.

Moses was baffled by God’s exodus plan until he saw the waters part.

Sometimes God’s guidance in our lives is unusually obvious. He may not speak to us through burning bushes, but his instructions are unmistakably clear. This could mean we are about to encounter a demanding situation.

When the tough times arrive, God wants us to know, with absolute certainty, that we are in the right place, doing what he wants us to do. This knowledge gives us the courage to persevere through the adversity. It assures us that God has prepared for the aftermath, regardless of how everything turns out.

If the outcome is victory, we will know it was God’s doing, not ours. If the initial result is a disaster, we can rest assured that he will help us endure the resulting distress and produce goodness from it, in due time.