Soulful Aid

God nourishes our soul when we walk in harmony with him amid affliction. He sustains us spiritually so we can stay intact.

God dispenses this spiritual nourishment through the Bible, the Holy Spirit, prayer, angels, our capabilities, other people, and the natural world.

Here are examples of the soulful aid God provides when we walk in harmony with him during distress.


  • God raises our awareness of his presence.
  • He comforts us when we hurt. He consoles us when we mourn.
  • God affirms that his love for us is unfailing and unconditional.
  • He assures us that our troubles are commonplace; we have not been singled out for distress.
  • God reminds us of his sovereignty and control; he has anticipated our situation and made preparations for us.
  • He confirms that our hardships will not go to waste; he will use them to produce goodness in and through us.


  • God manifests in us the attributes that constitute true contentment—love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
  • He carries the burdens we give him and, in exchange, gives us rest. This trade is more than fair for us.
  • God strengthens our perseverance and bolsters our courage.
  • He replaces our fear with peace when we refrain from worry, thank him for the goodness around us, and submit our requests to him.
  • God enables us to wait patiently for his intended outcome.


  • God never lets us face difficulties we cannot endure if we look to him for stamina.
  • He never lets us encounter temptations we cannot avoid or resist if we sincerely desire to live righteously and consciously rely on him for self-control.
  • He limits the extent to which our moral failures harm our future generations.


  • God guides us through Biblical principles and our own research and analysis when general directions are sufficient to make commonplace decisions.
  • He sometimes directs us through more dramatic means to send us places we would not otherwise go.


  • God highlights the goodness around us.
  • He prompts us to be grateful for what we have.
  • God assures us that our trials are temporary; they will eventually end, either on earth or in heaven.
  • He reminds us that to die, either physically or to ourselves, is gain for reborn believers, not loss.


  • God renews our minds, revises our values, and reorders our priorities.
  • If our affliction emanates from poor self-esteem, God teaches us about his unfailing love, unconditional acceptance, redemptive grace, and purpose for our uniqueness. These things are the basis of an accurate and healthy self-image.
  • If personal pride contributed to our distress, God humbles us.


  • If our affliction results from a personal moral failure, God forgives us when we confess our transgression and helps us forgive ourselves.
  • If our distress stems from the actions or inactions of others, God enables us to forgive them.


  • God illuminates the Bible truths that pertain to our situation.
  • He hears and responds to our prayers.
  • God speaks directly to our minds when necessary.
  • The Holy Spirit intercedes with him on our behalf when we cannot pray.