Our relationship with God is reciprocal in many respects.

He can speak to us anytime. We can always pray to him. He never abandons us. We can always turn to him. He loves us by nature. We love him by volition.

God answers many of our prayers as we wish. He accommodates our preferences when they fit within the bounds of his plans and precepts.

And subject to the constraints of his goodness, God directs our steps along the paths we choose as we attempt to achieve the personal goals we set.

God may even deliver special assurances at our behest to bolster our certainty. He may change the details of his plans in response to our pleas.

However, we are bound to be disappointed if we think this interplay means we can impose demands on God.

We are not his peers. He is our sovereign. He is not subject to our will. We are subject to his. We have no standing to require him to jump through hoops.

God comes to the aid of the humble. He does not perform tricks for the arrogant.