God’s Immutability

God is immutable. He never changes.

He will always be the person he has revealed himself to be through nature and the Bible.

For reborn believers, God’s immutability may be his most important attribute.

God’s Goodness

God is innately good.

Our perception of his goodness may vary according to our comfort and convenience levels, but his actual goodness never changes.

Because his goodness is immutable, God is always trustworthy, even amid affliction. Therefore, our faith in him is always justified.

God’s Love

Love is a fundamental aspect of God’s immutable nature. Its length, breadth, height, depth, duration, density, and intensity never change.

God’s nature is impervious to fluctuations in our sinfulness and righteousness. Accordingly, his love for us is also immune to variances in our behavior.

God’s immutability is why his love for us is unfailing and unconditional.

God’s Contentment

God is utterly content by nature. He manifests his contentment in us as we walk in harmony with him.

God’s contentment never modulates according to our circumstances. Like the other aspects of his nature, it is invariable and unalterable.

God’s immutability means we can experience and exude his natural contentment in any situation.