God’s Immutability

God never changes. In fact, he cannot change. He is immutable.

God will always be the same person he has revealed himself to be, in nature and through the Bible.

From our perspective, God’s immutability may be his most important attribute, for two reasons.

God’s Goodness

God is innately good.

Our perception of his goodness may vary according to the pleasantness of our circumstances, or the lack thereof, but his actual goodness never changes.

We can always trust God in every circumstance, even amid affliction, because his goodness is immutable.

God’s Love and Acceptance

In eternity past, God decided to love us unconditionally. He also resolved to forgive our iniquities each time we confess them and repent.

God’s immutability means that nothing we have ever done, are currently doing, or may do in the future will undo the finality of these decisions.

God will always love us and invariably accept us, regardless of how badly, how recently, how long, or how often we fail morally.

We may frequently wander far away from God, but he always welcomes us with open arms every time we return.

Without fail.