Enduring Relevance

God’s promise of freedom and benevolence retained its relevance through 400 years of Israelite slavery. The first clause in the promise—God will surely come to your aid—still applies to us today.

For The Israelites

Each Israelite generation must have fervently wished God would fulfill his promise of deliverance in their lifetime so they could live freely in their ancestral homeland.

Instead they endured continuous slavery in a foreign country for centuries, the antithesis of what God had promised.

Their suffering no doubt raised questions about God’s character and trustworthiness. However, they knew their very existence was living proof of his previous faithfulness to their forefathers.

God’s promise of aid affirmed his goodness and sustained the Israelite’s hope of eventual release, which fortified their stamina to endure slavery.

For Us

We long for security, abundance and contentment. Instead, the world is full of uncertainty, sorrow and stress. We repeatedly endure unfair and unnecessary hardships.

Our suffering frequently raises questions about God’s character, compassion and competence.

God’s promise of aid reminds us that he exists; he is present with us; he sees our plight; he cares for us; he has the resources to help us; and he has obligated himself to help us.

The promise gives us the strength, grace, and hope we need to endure our ordeals intact and to be enriched by them.