Unfairness Of Life

We will distrust God if we expect him to make life fair.

Our lives are unfair because we are surrounded by the adverse consequences of wrong choices made by others, ranging from Adam and Eve to those presently in our orbit.

Conversely, our mistakes contribute to the unfairness in the lives of those within our sphere of influence.

To make life fair for everyone, God would have to routinely restrict or overrule our will, as well as the will of others. However, he will not do that because he respects our volitional freedom.

God could also protect us from unfair suffering by taking us to heaven immediately after our spiritual rebirth. But instead, he leaves us on earth to do good works on his behalf that will make life better for future generations.

Unfair suffering is native to our natural habitat. We can no more avoid it than fish can avoid water.

Just as God has given fish the physical ability and natural resources to live comfortably underwater, he has given us the spiritual ability and divine resources to live contentedly in this unfair world.