The God To Trust

Trusting God amid affliction is easier when we have an accurate understanding of his excellence. Our distrust is often based on a caricature of God, not on who he truly is.

God reveals himself to us through nature, our conscience, and the Bible. Nature testifies to God’s existence as well as to his creativity, power, and intelligence. Our conscience affirms God’s holiness and our moral accountability to him.

The Old Testament reveals God through his initial interface with humanity. The life and teachings of Jesus, as recorded in the Gospels—first four books of the New Testament—elaborate on these disclosures.

The remaining New Testament books complete God’s self-revelation by integrating and expanding upon the Old Testament and the Gospels.

Due to our human limitations, we cannot comprehend God in his infinite fullness. However, he has revealed enough about himself in ways that we can fathom to give us a good sense of his character, capabilities, and priorities.

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