God’s Affections

We express affections as we go through the ups and downs of our existence. For example, we rejoice, grieve, get angry, etc.

God also expresses affections as he watches us navigate life. However, his are more righteous than ours.

Due to our fallen nature, we view our situations subjectively, analyze them emotionally, and often respond selfishly, inappropriately, or disproportionately.

In contrast, God observes our situations objectively, analyzes them logically, and always responds correctly.

Unlike ours, his responses never emanate from need or want.


God rejoices when we rejoice. He is joyous when we please him. He delights in our success. Jesus rejoiced when his followers gleefully returned from a successful mission trip.


God grieves when we grieve. Jesus wept alongside the family of a dead friend. God anguishes when we persistently live contrary to what he deems best for us.


God pities the innocents battered by turmoil through no fault of their own. He is compassionate toward those who must endure the consequences of their misbehavior. His compassion motivates him to provide aid and comfort.


God never regrets anything he does because he does everything perfectly. However, it hurts him to watch us miss out on his goodness. He shares our regret when we realize that we have made wrong choices.


God gets angry, in due time, at those who defy him and misrepresent him without repentance.

Jesus expressed anger at the merchants who turned the local worship center into a place of commerce, the religious leaders who espoused petty legalism, those who tried to limit access to him, and people who caused others to sin.

He never got mad at anyone else.


God is never envious or covetous because he lacks nothing. However, he is jealous when we give to others what rightfully belongs to him—worship, credit, time, resources, etc.

God wants us to make him the center of our lives, not because he is needy or selfish, but because he knows he is our source of true contentment.


In his timing, God avenges those who reject him and oppress his adherents without contrition.

His punishment is not enraged vindictiveness for petty slights. Instead, it is righteous retribution for sin and evil.