Childlike Faith

The more we know about God’s excellence, the easier it is to trust him.

If we could comprehend God in all his fullness, we would never doubt him during distress.

Due to our human limitations, however, we currently see only a glimmer of his greatness.

Affliction often compounds this constraint by distorting our perception of God, much like the peephole in a door warps our view of the person standing on the other side.

The combination of these actualities can diminish our faith in God when life gets tough.

Fortunately, God does not require us to exhibit strong faith during distress before he agrees to help us.

Childlike faith is sufficient.

Childlike faith believes that God’s word is his bond. It trusts that he will come to our aid amid affliction simply because he said he would.

Childlike faith matures into strong faith over time with proper nourishment and exercise.

God supplies the nourishment as we walk in harmony with him. Afflictions present the exercise opportunities.