Evaluating Opportunities

How do we determine if a specific opportunity complies with God’s will?

Here are some questions to ask in this regard.

– Does the opportunity align with Biblical principles and priorities?

– Is it positive and affirming in nature?

– Does it coincide with our broader mission?

– Is it consistent with our noble desires and righteous interests?

– Does it tap into our current competencies or potential capabilities?

– Does it appeal to our humility more than our hubris?

– If we capitalize on it, would our success produce a virtuous outcome?

– If we pursue it, would our failure permit an honorable exit?

– Are we at peace with the risks and uncertainties it entails?

– Does it appear to be increasingly viable as we gather more information?

– Are we sufficiently detached emotionally to evaluate it objectively?

– Do wise believers concur with our answers to the previous questions?

If we can answer all these questions affirmatively, the opportunity lies within the realm of God’s will.

Keep in mind, however, that God’s will can be fairly broad in some situations.

We may have several potential opportunities that are equally good from his perspective.

God graciously gives us the freedom to choose the one we like best.