God As An Ice Artist

To illustrate the impact of original sin, think of God as an ice artist and the world as his sculpture.

At creation, God poured purified water into an intricate mold and put it in the freezer.

Before the water froze, God gave Adam and Eve the opportunity to obey or disobey him.

Had they chosen obedience, the water would have frozen in its pristine state, and the sculpture would have been perfect forever.

Instead, they chose disobedience, which allowed evil to pollute the water before it froze.

Today, the ice sculpture is impressive, but it is not the crystal-clear masterpiece God set out to create. Evil clouds the ice.

God dislikes the impurities that mar his sculpture.

He could make it sparkle with its intended clarity by filtering out the evil, but that would require him to melt the ice.

Instead, God has decided to keep the sculpture intact for now, even though the cloudy ice raises questions about his artistic skills among critics.

Someday God will melt the ice, remove the impurities in the water, and create a new and better sculpture.

That sculpture will be heaven.