Brief Case 2

Life is often hard, but God is always good. He cares deeply about us. Therefore, he promises to come to our aid when we seek him during distress.

Nature Of God’s Aid

God helps us cope with our travails by delivering peace, hope, comfort, strength, and stamina, as we walk in harmony with him.

He produces goodness from our afflictions, both in our lives and in the lives of those within our circle of influence.

Right Expectations

We prefer God come to our aid by changing our circumstances for the better.

He may indeed produce this outcome, in accordance with the wisdom and timetable of his grand plan.

However, he often helps us by using our afflictions to change us for the better.

As we walk in harmony with God during distress, he produces in us the divine attributes that constitute true contentment.

Subject to our permission, he reorients our lives around his plans, priorities and precepts, much to our ultimate delight.

Suffering Raises Doubts

Suffering can raise doubts about God that make us reluctant to trust him.

However, suffering is a consequence of sin—a manifestation of evil—not evidence that God is mean, aloof, powerless, or non-existent.

Promise Evidences Truths

God will surely come to your aid.

This promise includes six implicit truths that evidence God’s character, compassion, and competence.

He exists. He is present with us. He sees our plight. He cares about us. He has the resources to help us. He has obligated himself to help us.

Note the extra emphasis in the pledge. The promise does not simply state “God will come to your aid”.

The promise declares “God WILL SURELY come to your aid”.

Primacy Of Faith

During tough times, we trust God by faith.

We choose to believe what he has revealed about himself, rather than what we might infer about him from our adversity.

Walking In Harmony With God

God provides common good for everyone. He hears the humble cries of contrite seekers during distress.

However, only those who walk in harmony with God gain access to the full array of his aid.

Walking in harmony with God requires us to be reborn spiritually, to commune with him regularly, and to obey his precepts as consistently as we can.

God Is Enough

God draws near to us as we walk in harmony him during distress.

He reveals aspects of his excellence we would never comprehend if life was always easy.

We learn God is always good, his ideas and methods are always superior to ours, and his love is indeed unfailing.

We realize anew that he truly is who he claims to be—our refuge, our comforter, our redeemer, our deliverer, and our friend.

We come to understand that when other sources of contentment fade, God himself is enough to satisfy our soul.