Mutual Unconditional Love

God loves us unconditionally, even when we disappoint him. He wants us to likewise love him unconditionally, even when he disappoints us.

The consequences of sin create an environment in which our love for God can begin to attain the same unconditional quality as his love for us.

God delights in the heartfelt sentiments we express when life is good, but he cherishes the unconditional love we proclaim by faith when personal suffering and unanswered prayers make him seem mean, indifferent, powerless or non-existent.

Our love for God will never be perfected until we enter heaven. Until then, righteously enduring repeated afflictions begins to transform our conditional sentiments into unconditional love.

God never engineers distress in order to manipulate us into loving him unconditionally, but he helps us endure it so our love can attain this transcendent quality.