Prayers That God Always Answers Affirmatively

God does not grant every request for health, wealth, safety, and satisfaction.

However, he always answers certain prayers affirmatively.

This is because the answers fulfill promises he has made to all reborn believers.

God answers some of these prayer requests immediately.

Other answers materialize over time as we walk in harmony with him.

God’s response to these prayers is conditional. He does his part after we do ours.

Here are some of the prayer requests that God always answers affirmatively, along with what he requires from us.

SALVATION. God grants eternal life to everyone who sincerely repents and asks Jesus to be their Savior.

FORGIVENESS. God forgives reborn believers every time we confess our unrighteousness.

STRENGTH. God gives us spiritual stamina each time we place our hope in him.

GOODNESS. God produces goodness from every situation—good and bad— when we walk in harmony with him.

ESCAPE FROM TEMPTATION. God shows us how to avoid or resist immorality when we truly desire this outcome.

BIBLE ILLUMINATION. God illuminates his Word when we study it with a sincere desire to know him.

HEARTFELT DESIRES. God helps us discover the things that truly satisfy our souls as we delight in him.

TRUE CONTENTMENT. God, in the person of the Holy Spirit, manifests his native contentment in us as we walk in harmony with him.

PERCEPTION OF GOD. He proves himself to be good each time we wait on him.

SPIRITUAL PROTECTION. God guards our hearts and renews our minds as we meditate on his Word.

PEACE. God grants peace to reborn believers who present their petitions to him with thanksgiving.

REST. God exchanges his rest for our stress when we let him carry our burdens.

WISDOM. God teaches us to exercise good judgment as we walk in harmony with him.

MINISTRY. If we tell God that we want to help advance his kingdom, he gives us opportunities to serve, pray for, and witness to others.