Walking In Harmony With God Without A Map

We can grasp how a person who never hears about Jesus or reads the Bible can come to repentance by responding affirmatively to what God reveals about himself and their sinfulness.

We understand how they can worship and commune with the Creator.

But how can these repentant believers walk in harmony with God if they are unaware of his precepts, as presented in the Bible?

After all, walking in harmony with God requires us to live according to his precepts as best we can.

The answer is simple.

As these uninformed believers commune with God, he enlightens them about the precepts that please him.

God prompts them to respond affirmatively to this knowledge and change their lives accordingly. If they do, they are walking in harmony with him.

God similarly engages us, as informed believers.

We learn about his precepts as we read the Bible and hear them explained in church.

God prompts us to respond affirmatively to this knowledge and change our lives accordingly. We walk in harmony with him when we do.

The Bible includes many precepts.

Does God need to enlighten uninformed believers about all of them before they can walk in harmony with him?

No. Jesus said we comply with all the precepts when we love God with all our heart, soul, and mind, and treat others the same way that we would like them to treat us.

God needs only to enlighten uninformed believers about these two precepts. Then they have enough knowledge to walk in harmony with him.