Why God Satisfies Our Soul

Only God himself can truly satisfy our soul. What is it about God and us that we find satisfaction in him?

GOD DESIGNED US TO COMMUNE WITH HIM. We innately crave intimacy with God. We experience a soulful restlessness in his absence. Walking in harmony with God satisfies our deepest longing.

GOD MADE US IN HIS IMAGE. We initially shared his divine nature at creation. Our now sinful nature is incongruous with his original design, which creates a soulful dissonance within us. Upon our spiritual rebirth, we share God’s divine nature once again. This reconciles who we are with who we were designed to be and resolves our spiritual discord.

GOD IS CONTENT. He embodies love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Together, these attributes characterize true contentment. God produces them in us as we walk in harmony with him.

GOD WELCOMES US. He has already done everything necessary for us to commune with him on earth and live with him in heaven. All we must do is accept his offer of salvation. He never withdraws his offer and he never annuls our acceptance of his offer, no matter how much we subsequently disappoint him.

GOD AFFIRMS US. Even knowing in advance every bad thing we would ever think, say, or do, God still valued us so much that he implemented a costly salvation plan to ensure our opportunity to live with him forever. His assessment of our worth is the absolute truth. Therefore, we are truly significant, no matter what anyone else thinks.

GOD ANSWERS ALL THE BIG QUESTIONS. He provides a rational framework for defining reality. He explains who we are, how we got here, why we are here, how life got messed up, what he has done to fix it, what he requires us to do, and how everything turns out.

GOD GIVES US MEANING AND PURPOSE. He assigns to us a divine destiny and spiritually equips us to fulfill it. He resets our perspective on ourselves and the world. He infuses old things with new significance.

GOD FORGIVES US. We are innately aware of our sinfulness. We carry the weight of our iniquities until we confess them to God. We may rationalize them, confess them to others, or suppress our guilt, but only his forgiveness frees us to be truly content.

GOD IS TRUSTWORTHY. He is informed, wise, impartial, and fair. He always looks out for our best interest. He values our freedom. His plans and provisions help us get the most out of this life and the next.

GOD IS THE PERFECT FRIEND. He is always present. He listens to our concerns and offers wise counsel. He delights in us. He never rejects us when we misbehave or speak ill of him.

GOD IS CONSISTENT. He is the same person every time we approach him. His character and truths never change. He is never arbitrary or capricious. He fulfills his promises.

GOD IS INFINITELY NOVEL. Everything about God is marvelous. He is infinite in all his attributes. No matter how much we know about his excellence, there is always more to discover. We innately like novelty. God never bores us.